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You’ve got to really want it

A client and I this week discussed her motivation to exercise and eat more ideally to shift some weight. After deliberation she decided that she didn’t really mind enough about carrying some additional fat around her middle to engage in eating a lower carb diet. She knows that eating less carbs works for her in terms of lowering body fat but she struggles to maintain that way of eating long term. Find a happy medium? Easy to say, but less easy to do; when you relax some of your dietary rules they tend to creep into every day.

So, she is accepting that she could lose weight if she tried harder, but that she doesn’t desire it enough. I think that’s fine if it means you are happier and able to keep track of your fat levels, particularly around the middle, to avoid escalation to risky proportions. Feeling guilty about non-participation or non-adherence to a plan is counterproductive.

This leads me on to thoughts about being in a positive state of mind, where you feel inspired to exercise, and how important your mood is to your activity choices. As well as wanting an end goal badly enough to adapt your behaviour in order to achieve it, you also have to be in a frame of mind where you are willing to do what it takes. This can be problematic, and becomes a downward spiral if your low mood leads to inactivity which further decreases feelings of vitality.

Set realistic behaviour targets that reflect how you feel now, to increase feelings of mastery and achievement. Only go for it if you really want it. As you get satisfaction from adherence to your commitments then your sense of success and empowerment will spur you to continue.

Lisa 🙂