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 You’ve got to like it to keep doing it … 

One of my clients who has only recently begun training with me reported this week that he looks forward to coming to the exercise studio now. This is mega news. In addition, he is starting to like the cross-trainer machine – wonderful. If this progress is continued in a linear fashion, he will soon be able to say that he really likes exercise. This is what we as personal trainers are striving for in our clients; an honest enjoyment of physical activity, and a desire to do it regularly enough to gain the benefits.

Although there may be some discomfort at first, when you haven’t done much exercise for a while, persisting soon manifests in feelings of improvement, and, hopefully, enjoyment. I have said before that enjoyment in your chosen activity is the KEY to continued involvement and lasting success.

Experiment with physical activities or games that will sustain your interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Badminton, walking, weight training or dancing; the choice is endless. Have fun.

Lisa 🙂

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