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“What’s so great about bluebells?”


“What’s so great about bluebells?” my son said grumpily, on our impromptu walk after school this week. What a question! Everyone loves bluebells I told him (who doesn’t?). He was a reluctant companion as I’d given him no choice – it was imperative; I had to get on a walk to see the bluebells. I’d had a busy day and I really wanted to experience the peace and beauty of the short walk up our local hill, which is currently carpeted in bluebells. I am trying to instil into my children an appreciation of nature, stillness and quietness, and although it is generally working, it was apparently a bad day to enforce it, and the black cloud of my son’s mood surrounded us. Still, half way up I left him to brood, while I hiked up the last bit to the top, and enjoyed the wonderful view. Half way back down, sitting down to soak up the beauty, focussing on the sight, sounds and smells around us, my stress melted away and I thought of nothing. This was such an antidote to rushing, talking, thinking of others, living the busy life we mostly lead. Simply to distract my brain from any negative thoughts, and be calm was enlivening.

If you haven’t been on a bluebell walk yet, I really recommend it for rejuvenating the soul. Taking time out from a stressful day to notice what nature has to offer can calm nerves, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and has long term effects on our well being.

Just five minutes of bluebell heaven was enough to bolster me for the walk back to the car with a somewhat more contented son, but I’m not sure I was forgiven for the mandatory stroll.

Lisa 🙂