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Weight crept up in Lockdown – join the club!

Nearly all my clients have reported weight increase during lockdown, and I have to say the same is true for me. A combination in the early months of lazing around, working sparsely or not at all, chained to your home and eating a little more, every day, has been the cause. What can we do? Are you ready to meet the challenge of getting a grip on the issue?

Firstly, we should recognise that it has been a very unsettling time for us all, and huge changes in how much we were allowed to circulate have been an uncontrollable factor in how we have lived these past few months. Our usual level of racing around getting to here and there on time and living often busy lives was abruptly curtailed, leading to a vastly reduced daily calorie expenditure. Worry about the virus, about family, work and social isolation, not to mention boredom could have affected your mental health, and possibly consequently, eating and drinking habits. So, I’m just saying “give yourself a break”, don’t be hard on yourself, be compassionate, and don’t feel guilty, be understanding.

Then decide, are you ready to make changes, to undo the unfavourable habits that you now have? Are you prepared to make a commitment to form new, more healthy habits, which may be hard to endure? If you don’t feel ready, then give yourself a bit more time, but do consider how long your detrimental behaviours have persisted. Perhaps, even now lockdown is easing, you may be reluctant to give up some dietary treats that you’ve indulged in for too long. Admittedly, our frequent desserts were slightly tricky to let go of!

However, it could now be your moment, to formulate a plan to fit more physical activity into each day, to banish the unhelpful foods and increase the healthful ones. Take the bull by the horns, and begin a new phase of post-lockdown vigour.

Maybe make a list of lockdown behaviours you think you should eliminate, and make a list of what you wish to add into your daily routine. Start this now, beginning today. Although the first few days may be painful, it will get easier and you’ll soon be looking back in disbelief at what your life was like a few months ago.

Lisa 🙂