The virtuous cycle of kindness

Performing an act of kindness or helping someone in a small way leads to feelings of happiness in you as well as the person you have been kind to. I heard this described on the radio yesterday as a ‘virtuous cycle’. When you smile at someone you don’t know, help someone with a heavy bag, send a kind message to someone, or perform any altruistic act of kindness there are apparently positive bodily responses to this, which in turn make the giver feel happier and more likely to repeat such actions in the future.

Also, reading on How Stuff Works website, happiness cues the brain to suppress worrisome or negative feelings and increases the body’s energy level. Well, certainly I feel livelier when I’ve done a good turn for the day. Clearly, more than one good turn would be good, but let’s start somewhere!

Surely happier people cope better with high levels of stress. Less stress = healthier lives.

I’ve already done one act of kindness today: I made the tea at 7 o’clock this morning when it was officially my husband’s turn. Does that count? It made me feel quite virtuous.

Have a good day, be kind to someone, and feel happier and healthier as a result.

Lisa 🙂

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