The Last Resort

The book I have just read called ‘Breath’ purports that one of the best ways to stop snoring is to ‘mouth tape’ so that one can only breathe through the nose. We have experimented with this notion for one week (on a willing volunteer; well, strongly persuaded) and the results are brilliant. No snoring whilst taped up.

The idea is based on much scientific evidence the author relates, which in summary reveals that mouth breathing leads to relaxation and de-conditioning of the nasal passages, causing constriction and then snoring. Also, breathing through the mouth makes the body lose more water than when nose breathing, which leads to dehydration and bad breath.

We thought Chris would find it constricting and give up but even from the first night he has found it acceptable, has not panicked and I’ve eventually stopped laughing. He has snored for quite a few years, and tried several different methods to control it : throat spray/foam, (not funny for Chris as his throat filled with foam and nearly choked him), roof of mouth patches, ‘BreatheRight’ nose strips, chin straps (hilarious and not a success), and acupressure finger ring (fairly successful for a while).

The mouth taping may ‘tone’ the nasal passages to a degree where he can take the tape off, but we aren’t risking it yet. Let’s give it two more weeks / months to make sure!

I highly recommend the book ‘Breath’ by James Nestor. There is a lot of historical evidence that early man had different facial bone features which have now evolved due to less chewing with softer foods. Apparently chewing stimulates bone growth elsewhere in the face, and sinus cavities were wider and bigger, and they probably didn’t snore. Research shows chewing gum does a good job in replicating the stimulus required to expand bone, in as little as a few weeks. So, I have bought some Turkish gum called Famil, which is tougher than normal gum, for jaw workouts! What a sucker.

The book is full of other amazing information about the benefits of nose breathing for many health issues. The list is pretty extensive. Here’s a pic of the book –

He also has a website on which there are several video clips of various breathing techniques.

Hope to see you soon,

Lisa 🙂

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