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Success Stories

I engaged Lisa shortly after the first lock down ended. I’d ended my contract at David Lloyd due to arthritis in my knees preventing full participation in tennis. I was at a low, had lost my motivation and was feeling very sorry for myself.

At 65, I wasn’t looking for heart attack cardio sessions, Lisa fully embraced my requirements, each weekly session was targeted, they were also flexible to take account of wellness on my part. Slowly my enjoyment returned, due mainly to her enthusiasm and knowledge, also due to significant progress with my movement, strength and flexibility.

I’ve been able to progress to returning to being a gym member once again but now my knowledge base is such that I can work on my own without fear of damaging myself.

Using a personal trainer can appear daunting but Lisa will set you at ease and then support your endeavours to reach your goals, I highly recommend her.

Martin - Gloucestershire.
Lisa has been wonderful! She has really motivated me and I have seen great results over the past couple of months – I have lost two stone! She has pushed me to my limits while making the training session enjoyable and I wouldn’t have stayed as committed without her help.
The most important thing is that I can now actually lift up my 10 year old son!
Lali - Bristol.

I have problems with my balance and muscle weakness and following a friends recommendation I contacted Lisa to help me with some exercises.

She has been of tremendous help in restoring my confidence with walking outdoors and has encouraged me with a range of exercises which have been very beneficial. It is a great help to have one to one attention in my own home. Lisa is always very prompt and flexible with appointment arrangements. Her wonderful ‘can do’ approach is important, if an exercise is not to my liking she thinks of another. Lisa displays a wide knowledge of beneficial exercises and a very innovative use of household fittings to aid various exercises. I feel that Lisa has played a very important part in helping me to overcome some of my difficulties and would recommend her cheerful, helpful advise.

Yvonne - Gloucestershire.

In May 2013 I moved to the Gloucestershire area in something of a dilemma, having to leave behind my personal trainer of 6 years. I searched the web and was lucky enough to find Lisa King as a local and flexible Personal trainer who I hoped could fill the gap. The gap has been much more than adequately filled, I have a regular programme with Lisa, not always able to be stuck to in terms of days/times because of my work commitments, but within reason, Lisa is always personally flexible to accommodate changes when required. Specific outcomes for me from my work with Lisa have been:

1. A regular (agreed and discussed) quarterly goal setting session. Sometimes you want to increase core strength, or stamina/resilience, sometimes you want to lose some weight or attach something like the dreaded bingo wings!!

2. Frequent progress review.

3. A blend of different programmes/circuits, Lisa recognises that one size doesn’t fit all and approaches clients with this in mind in my observation and experience.

4. My most recent achievement, with the combined advice of a nutritionist, has resulted in me losing 20lbs in weight over 3 months. Admittedly I had a difficult chocolate reveal and handover session!! Which was not easy, but my objectives have been achieved and am now in good shape and looking forward to my tolerance/stamina goals for 2015.

In general terms, lisa King is a high integrity, high values person. Her style is authoritatively gentle. I consider myself very lucky to have found Lisa since moving to this county.

Helen James - Gloucestershire.
I approached Lisa to support me in putting together an exercise regime that would enable me to come back from a shoulder injury without further damage or pain. Lisa was flexible enough to fit time into my busy schedule with a focus and tenacity that enabled me to start to rebuild my strength and muscles in a safe way. She combined techniques for use both indoors and outdoors which made the process really enjoyable. I would thoroughly recommend Lisa to any potential new client.
Vicky Scott - Cam
I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa. I have found she rapidly inspires confidence and trust, ensuring you progress at an appropriate pace towards your goals, reviewed on a regular basis. Not only does she obviously know her stuff, but her attention to you as an individual makes her stand out. Each session is planned by her in advance, and I’ve never had two identical sessions. Everything takes you forward, and progress is recorded every time. She is particularly good with injuries large and small, I have found. I started off with a weak back that would often leave me in discomfort or pain – now a thing of the past, and I’ve been very effectively coached back from a broken ankle in more recent times.
Nick - Berkeley

Being a confirmed “gymphobic” I nevertheless contacted Lisa as the offer of a private studio away from a vast array of machines and pumping bodies appealed.

Lisa has been instrumental in my rehabilitation following a hip replacement and manages to weave together varied exercises to keep the sessions fun and interesting!  It’s great to be able to undertake all of this in a supportive environment with a professional set up.
Julie - Bristol