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metabolism and weight training for females, part 2.

Following on from my blog last week about hormones in females and their effect on metabolic rate. During ovulation the body increases its core temperature, leading to increased metabolic rate for 3 or 4 days (an extra 300 calories per day roughly - cool!). So, after menopause we no longer get that added benefit of increased calorie burn for free during a few days of the month. During men...
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Hormones and metabolism in females part 1

I've just finished a short course in this area and thought I could share with you some of the key points. I will break the info down into two blogs as there's too much for one blog. The most effective way to change your shape is to weight train. Between the ages of 35 - 55 sedentary women increase fat by 1 kg a year, (doesn't sound much, but 20kg of extra fat in 20 years; now that sounds...
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Up the weights and get sweaty for fat loss.

New Year ; renewed enthusiasm for exercise and results? If one of your goals is fat loss, are you doing some heavy resistance exercise to help achieve this? If not, you would do well to start. Do not be afraid to lift heavy weights, so that you fatigue at the 8th to 12th repetition, or even less. As long as you have good form throughout. If you perform each resistance set like this you will ...
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