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thyroid dysfunction

Reasons for low thyroid function part 1

Thyroid dysfunction  (sub-clinical thyroid condition) affects 5-8 times more women than men, with 1 in 8 women struggling with thyroid dysfunction over their lifetime. After age 60 it is more likely. Symptoms are fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, cold hands and feet, sluggish bowels, decreased mood, cognitive dysfunction and low vitality. Blood tests often show as low normal, which is not en...
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Low thyroid function part 2

Reasons for low thyroid function continued.... Over worked liver Thyroid hormones must be 'activated' before they can benefit the body. Over 60% of this activation happens in the liver, therefore if the liver is working overtime then thyroid function is compromised. A diet high in sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol, coffee and environmental toxins has a negative effect on the liver and, conse...
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