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Wake up and smell the coffee

A client decided to cut down on sugar in his coffee, and has been so successful at this that I wanted to ask him a few questions and share his answers with you. His answers are in blue. How long have you been having sugar in your coffee? Since I was a teenager, thirty years ago! How much sugar were you having in each cup? Up until last year, three heaped white sugars How m...
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Cut your sugar, cut your risks

9 days without added sugar led to significant health improvements in obese children : According to a recent study by scientists in California, after just 9 days of reducing their intake of added sugar, children with chronic metabolic diseases such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure were able to reverse their symptoms. The lead study author, Robert Lustig, reports “This intervention ...
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Biggest killer – Sugar or salt?

Which plays a greater role in the development of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease - sugar or salt? The authors of a published article in the online journal 'Open Heart' say that added sugars in processed foods are likely to have a greater role in the development of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke than added salt. Added sugars go by the names of agave syrup, brown ...
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