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Fantastic back stretcher and massager gift idea

Stuck for Christmas present ideas? How about a back stretcher like the one I am draped over above. We have had this one for many years, as suggested to us by an osteopath friend, to stretch and massage the spine. I have actually just spotted this very one on Ebay for £10.50 - bargain. It's called the Ultimate Rolastretcher, 10-rung beech back stretcher. I can vouch for the claims it makes to s...
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dos and don’t of stretching

Stretching before and after exercise sessions, using a foam roller, dynamic stretching, and other useful information on stretching are in this short guide. The benefits of using a foam roller during a warm up are discussed, and also during the cool down. Using dynamic stretches to improve joint mobility and enhance your movement quality during a weights routine are highlighted. Recommended freq...
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