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‘Why zebras don’t get ulcers’ – first glimpse

I have been lent a book called Why zebras don't get ulcers, the acclaimed guide to stress, stress-related diseases, and coping, by Robert M. Sapolsky. I am on chapter one; here are a few snippets I have learnt from it so far: "We are now living well enough and long enough to slowly fall apart" says Sapolsky. Many of todays diseases where damage accumulates slowly (cancer, cardiovascul...
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“What’s so great about bluebells?”

"What's so great about bluebells?" my son said grumpily, on our impromptu walk after school this week. What a question! Everyone loves bluebells I told him (who doesn't?). He was a reluctant companion as I'd given him no choice - it was imperative; I had to get on a walk to see the bluebells. I'd had a busy day and I really wanted to experience the peace and beauty of the short walk up our loc...
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Work overload? Does exercise help?

This week one of my clients was feeling very stressed when we met, due to a very heavy work load. She told me how she had come home from work one day and absent-mindedly put her key in the bin! We laughed about this but it shows how her overloaded brain was not coping. We went ahead with the session even though she felt like cancelling, and reduced the intensity. I asked her a day later if she fel...
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Always look on the bright side of life!

This week I went through some highs and lows of emotion, which I noticed, at the time, had a significant impact on my physical self. One day my son left his brand new spiked running shoes and PE kit at the bus stop, and I was angry and upset. I spent an hour in immediate response mode, feeling very stressed and sweaty, whilst I took action to attempt to recover them. A few days later it turned up ...
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Uncommon signs of stress

According to the American Institute of Stress, numerous emotional and physical disorders are linked to stress. In fact, chronic stress affects each system of the body differently and can cause long-term health concerns. One of the greatest misconceptions about stress is that mental and emotional stress are not as detrimental as physical stress. Most people associate stress with work and a busy ...
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