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Cuts to time for physical play before school! Don’t get me started….!

After my 'hip hip hooray' tone for last week's story in my blog, about the implementation of a successful physical activity routine in Sharpness school, I have a contrary feeling about today's blog. I have just found out that the primary school my youngest attends is taking an opposite turn to that of Sharpness school and forbidding playground activity before registration. Once the school gate...
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15 minutes run / walk improves kids’ concentration in class

I wanted to celebrate the success of a physical activity programme initiated at my local primary school (Sharpness) by a forward thinking PE co-ordinator. The programme of exercise, outside of the normal curriculum, supplemented by voluntary exercises for home time, has had a tremendous impact on the lives of the school children, and hopefully, may set a life long appreciation of being active....
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