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A personal account of how running helps mental health

I am sharing an account of my client's experience with anxiety and how running has helped her manage and raise money for mental health charities while doing so. As interesting as theory is, it's always better to get on-the-ground proof of the power of exercise. Here is Jane's story : “The day starts as the previous day did, and the day before that. I vomit the moment I wake up yet there is...
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Why Kenyans are so dominant in long distance running

dursley personal trainer
I've just finished a book about a runner's investigation into how Kenyan runners are so fast. Adharanand Finn (Runner's World magazine contributor) travelled with his family to Iten in Kenya, the 'running capital of the world' and immersed himself in their culture for six months, trained with Kenya's top athletes in the Rift Valley and ran his first ever marathon in blazing heat in a time he n...
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Common running injuries and how to avoid them, part 1

Four of the most common running injuries are : Patellofemoral syndrome – pain on the front of the knee, near or under the kneecap Iliotibial band syndrome – pain at the outside of the knee and sometimes the side of the hip Plantar fasciitis – pain at the bottom of the foot, or in the heel Achilles tendonitis – pain at the back of the leg, near the heel These injuries occur due t...
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