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Wonderful lemon, egg & chicken soup

It's not a Christmas dish, but I thought I would share this recipe for a gorgeous, filing soup which provides all you need in a meal. It's from an Abel and Cole cookbook. It's very easy to make, and only uses one pot. It is very tasty, has plenty of protein, and the broccoli provides your veg quota. Also the eggs help to make it satiating. Even our boys enjoy it, so that's a winner for me. ...
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Anjum Anand’s fantastic eggy lunch recipe!

No, unfortunately, this is not me, but the lovely Anjum Anand. I have just decided that Anjum's following recipe is my favourite lunch of all time. It is low in carbohydrate so if you want to up the carbs you could have it with a slice of bread.  It is from Anjum Anand's New Indian recipe book and is hot and spicy and fairly quick to make. The recipe says serves 3-6, but we had it between two a...
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