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Insights into overeating, part 2

Following on from my blog last week: Emotional eating We can overeat in response to many emotional states: sadness, stress, happiness, boredom. When we overeat for comfort it can lead to feelings of guilt and shame leading to more overeating. Overeating can also be a tactic to avoid the problems that overwhelm us. We need to address the unmet needs that trigger overconsumption. Delve ...
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Insights into overeating, part 1

Part 1 How do we stop ourselves from eating or drinking more when we know it would be best for our health or waistline if we didn’t? Willpower is not a limitless asset. It is not a very efficient tool for dealing with something that we do multiple times a day, such as eating. It has been described as “like a muscle that fatigues with continued exertion” (Baumeister 2012). Also, willpower...
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