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105 year old shows us how to get to her age

This little clip of 105 year old Eileen, sent to me by a client, shows how exercise and a daily snooze has helped her to that grand age. She is an impressive lady. We see her performing Cat and Dog yoga poses, amazing opposite arm and leg lifts in a high plank and super press ups. The bit that made me laugh is when Eileen is shown driving, demonstrating her lasting skills. Not sure th...
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This lady can!

Exercising into your eighties and nineties - does that sound like an impossibility? It isn't, and hopefully, as we are living in a country with an ageing population, we will see more and more older people staying active, and participating in games and sports.  There is plenty of research documenting people aged over 80 starting weight lifting programmes and increasing their muscle mass, older p...
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