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food fight: clash of the nutritional titans

Many of us are eager to eat a clean diet, and might find ourselves indecisive about which healthy foods to put into our shopping baskets. The more nutritious choice is not always obvious.  Here are a few similar foods pitted against each other in the 'which is the best for me?' fight. (As cited in professional journal Idea Fitness) - Almonds v walnuts While walnuts have higher levels of omeg...
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Our family’s favourite breakfast smoothie

The favourite breakfast in our house is a peanut butter and berries smoothie. It is packed with protein and fibre and we find it keeps our bodies satisfied until 1pm lunchtime. Here's the basic recipe - play around with the quantities. A cupful of frozen berries (Sainsburys do a good, 'basics' range pack of strawberries, blackberries, red and black currants) (berries are some of the lowes...
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Anyone heard of hydrophilic foods?

Me neither. The word translates from Ancient Greek to ‘loving water’. In terms of food and nutrition, it describes water loving foods that can be very satisfying owing to their capacities for attracting and retaining water. They fill you up in a healthy way because they fill up first. Hydrophilic foods are packed with soluble fibre that attracts water and forms a gel like substance that slows down...
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