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Early rewards for new exerciser

My new client, (NC for short) has had two personal training sessions with me. Walking, gardening and fishing aside, he has not exercised in many years. We have discussed his lack of mobility, posture deviations from ideal and his stiffness, which is of no surprise. During the week between NC's first and second visits he performed daily dynamic stretches, pelvic tilts on a ball, Cat/Cow, sup...
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New to exercise? ….Let me help.

Have you decided it is time to make a real effort to get fit, after much deliberation? If you are someone who has never been 'into' exercise but now you think you should be, to stave off the ill effects of ageing, then good for you. Now you need to decide what type of exercise to do. Ideally you'd perform some exercise on six days of the week, of a nature that is moderate to vigorous, for at l...
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