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Bank holiday cycle ride reveals my lack of fitness

To enjoy the day off school and work yesterday we headed to the Malvern Hills with mountain bikes. I have not ridden my bike since August of last year, and I know my legs will be cursing me tomorrow. I didn't feel like going, as it was a bit cold and cloudy, but Mr. K overruled and off we set. We were on the Malvern Hills Trust mountain biking trail, medium route, starting at the North Qu...
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mountain biking thrills

Rock Shox, berms, "give it some air" (I didn't), front suspension, drop-offs (not for me!), padded baggy shorts, special shoes, mud, knobbly tyres, back wheel skids (no fear!). All terms I've been introduced to on my first real mountain bike excursion in Wales, other than family trails. In glorious sunshine we climbed for forty minutes in Cwmcarn forest, South Wales - the route up was a nic...
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