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I’m not perfect; are you?

When I meet someone new and they ask me what I do for a living and I tell them I'm a personal trainer, invariably the response is "Oh, you must be really fit then!" Well, not really! I'm not the type of trainer to use my clients' time to upgrade my own fitness, bashing out thirty flash press ups while my client is struggling away. I used to be quite fit but, since children, (yes, I'm blaming...
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You’ve got to really want it

A client and I this week discussed her motivation to exercise and eat more ideally to shift some weight. After deliberation she decided that she didn't really mind enough about carrying some additional fat around her middle to engage in eating a lower carb diet. She knows that eating less carbs works for her in terms of lowering body fat but she struggles to maintain that way of eating long t...
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Something is better than nothing

'Something is better than nothing' is a perfect saying to use regarding exercise and other healthy behaviours. Individuals whose typical mindset is of the 'all or nothing' style have difficulty believing that it is okay to do half a workout, or to eat a healthy meal in the evening when they've already had a sugary snack earlier in the day. "It's Friday already and I've not exercised all week, ...
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Booking a class makes you go!

Need some encouragement to exercise? Try booking yourself into a class you've never done. This week I took part in my first exercise class as a new member of Dursley's council-run gym, pool and studio. I have never been a member of a fitness club, having worked in them for ten years, and then being at Personal Space for 16 years. I haven't felt the need to join up. I joined this leisure cent...
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Enter an event and stay on track.

Staying motivated to exercise over the Christmas season can be tricky, but one way to ensure you don't slack is to enter a race or event for January or February. If you want to really test yourself how about running in the Weston Super Mare 10k Hangover run on January 1st 2016 at 11a.m. ! There are many cycle events to participate in that are called 'Sportives', taking place in your area throug...
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Love exercise or hate it?

“Eating quinoa and going for a run is just not as enjoyable as eating custard and staying still”. This is a quote I heard on a comedy show today, which made me laugh, but this could feasibly be a firm belief of many. What determines who has high levels of intrinsic motivation for exercise and who has low levels? Why do some people enjoy exercise and others really dislike it? Is it in thei...
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Celebrate your achievements and feel your motivation rise!

Recognising how far you have come on the road to your increased fitness and health is a big motivator for continuing with your efforts.  Sometimes, just comparing your performance now with that of a few months ago can reveal surprising improvements that may not have been obvious to you as you went along. The effect of analysing your achievements can be felt on various levels : firstly, the know...
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