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Relieve tight hips to reduce back pain

dursley personal trainer
Most of us sit for too long, leading to tight hip flexors (muscles that attach from the front of the thigh to the anterior side of the lower vertebrae), as well as tight chest muscles and front of shoulders. Relieving tightness in hip flexors will help improve mobility and stability of the pelvis, reducing strain on the lower back. In order to promote stability and mobility in the various...
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Low back support from the gluteal muscles

Focussing on strengthening the gluteal muscles (your bum!) can bring the major benefit of support for your lower back and decreased pain. The gluteus maximum, medius and minimus surround the rear and outside of the hips and stabilise the pelvis and lower back as you move through various activities of daily life. Weakness in the gluteals due to lack of strengthening activity and decreased stand...
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