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Beware virus vigilantes!

Beware virus vigilantes; members of the public assuming the role of police, in seeking - in their eyes - breakers of Covid rules. Their penalty for behaviour that they don't like ranges from polite exchange to aggressive abuse. My client and I experienced the latter while exercising outdoors in a park. During lockdown, personal training is permitted, on a 1:1 basis, outside in a public a...
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Time on your own

I cannot overstate the value of spending time on my own in nature. I love to take in the beauty and it gives me the quiet space I need to recharge my mental batteries. During lockdown, when it's possible to be surrounded by family all day long, it's imperative (to me) to get out walking or running and escape the noise of whirring computers, teachers' voices and Zoom meetings (no offence meant...
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1 leg dishwashing!

My friend, neighbour and one time Personal Space sports massage therapist, Esther, and I were chatting today about all things human movement related. In essence, and among other thorny issues, we decided that the best way to get exercises done regularly is by surreptitiously inserting them into one's day. Also, by depositing exercise equipment around the house in handy spots so that you are m...
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Weight crept up in Lockdown – join the club!

Nearly all my clients have reported weight increase during lockdown, and I have to say the same is true for me. A combination in the early months of lazing around, working sparsely or not at all, chained to your home and eating a little more, every day, has been the cause. What can we do? Are you ready to meet the challenge of getting a grip on the issue? Firstly, we should recognise that ...
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“No chocolate at lunch, Mum”

"No chocolate at lunch, Mum" said my son, reminding me of  my promise to reduce my calories. "Oh yes, you’re right, thanks" I say and sadly put the chocolate back in the cupboard. Both my boys have been most helpful in encouraging me to stick to my new dietary rules, and I’m starting to see the results. During lockdown I've been having a teeny glass of red wine for health at lunch wi...
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More or less exercise in lockdown – which is it for you?

At this unusual time you may be indulging in much more exercise than normal or you may be so busy that you haven’t as much time as you’d like to exercise. It’s different for us all. I hope that if you are one of the lucky ones and find yourself with free time then you might be using it to engage in an activity that is not normally on your list. Have you started a new fitness habit, such a...
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Bored of lockdown yet?

bristol personal training
I have to admit I have felt moments of boredom in the last few days. The rainy change to the weather didn't help, but here I am on a gorgeous walk near my house on a bluebell bedecked hill in my waterproof gear. It was drizzling and the sky was very grey, but it was so refreshing to get out of the house and exercise in beautiful surroundings. 'Green exercise' has been shown to be more ben...
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E bikes rule OK

Electric (e) bikes have become really popular in the last year or so and even more so now that we are in lockdown and exercise is the only thing we are permitted to do outside of the house and garden. If you've ever considered having one, now may the time to indulge yourself. The mountain bike community are appreciative of them, accepting that it's a way for riders to continue to push...
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