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25 minutes Gym Ball routine at home

personal trainer dursley
To raise my spirits on this rainy day I decided to exercise at home with my gym ball, and I have listed the exercises below. The whole session took 25 minutes (minimal breaks between the ten exercises; twice through the set). It nicely challenged my abdominals, upper body and legs. Warm up - Flights of stairs alternating between one step at a time runs, two steps at a time walk, and one ste...
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Bad weather Blues? Cheer up with my home exercise routine: 15 minutes.

This monotonous, tiresome weather! Dank, dreary, dismal, dull, dreadful, drab, dark, and decidedly damp! How does it make you feel about getting out to exercise? Perhaps demotivated, depressed, dejected, dampened, discouraged, disheartened, dispirited, despondent and downright dismayed. OK, enough of the D’s already! What can we do? Do not fear. Try this – a 15 minutes muscle...
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