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“What’s so great about bluebells?”

"What's so great about bluebells?" my son said grumpily, on our impromptu walk after school this week. What a question! Everyone loves bluebells I told him (who doesn't?). He was a reluctant companion as I'd given him no choice - it was imperative; I had to get on a walk to see the bluebells. I'd had a busy day and I really wanted to experience the peace and beauty of the short walk up our loc...
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Joy of off-road running!

I may have banged on about this before, so I do apologise, but my enthusiasm for running on off-road trails overflows sometimes. I feel the need to share my joy of running in the countryside! I ran on Friday up through the woods and out onto a gorgeous hill which is flat on top, containing a golf course in the middle. The sun was shining, the trees are now in full bloom, and the views are spect...
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