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The power of the ten second hug

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I am reading a book about the menopause, as I am probably in perimenopause and want to discover in detail what I'm in for. I have read much before on the subject in relation to exercise, but there's so much I didn't know (or forgot!) and the comprehensive information is astounding. It's quite 'sciencey' which is great, and I am trying my best to remember all the important info, much of which ...
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Aiming for FEELING GOOD, rather than LOOKING GOOD!

This week a client told me she had lost 1/2 a stone, after her doctor had suggested improvements to her liver condition would only happen with weight loss. This after a long period of mutual consent between us not to talk about losing weight for its own sake. She admits to being ambivalent about making the changes necessary to reduce her weight, and as a result, her weight gradually crept up. It t...
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