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♥ You’ve got to like it to keep doing it … ♥

Lisa King personal training
One of my clients who has only recently begun training with me reported this week that he actually looks forward to coming to the exercise studio now. This is mega news. In addition, he is starting to like the cross trainer machine - wonderful. If this progress is continued in a linear fashion he will soon be able to say that he really likes exercise. This is what we as personal trainers are s...
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Be competitive with yourself!

I was thinking this morning about how competitiveness may aid exercise adherence. The desire to better your previous performance in an activity, whether that activity is of a sporting nature or is a mental task, can be strong enough to encourage you to try harder, put more into it, or even to just do it rather than not.  You don't have to get involved in races to be competitive; I'm talking ab...
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Make a date with exercise

Making an 'appointment with exercise' could be an effective way to ensure you get your physical activity done. Planning an actual time during the day that provides a realistic time gap to fit in a run / cycle / walk / trip upstairs to your gym equipment, and writing this 'appointment' in your diary or calendar, makes the likelihood of a successful bout of activity much higher than just saying ...
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Secret to exercise and healthy eating adherence

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle may seem like a chore or an unachievable goal for many. Studies show that approximately 50% of people initiating an exercise programme drop out within 6 months. This will obviously be for a number of reasons, including lack of enjoyment, perceived lack of time, difficulty with the exertion required and accessibility to an exercise venue. One factor th...
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