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♥ You’ve got to like it to keep doing it … ♥

Lisa King personal training
One of my clients who has only recently begun training with me reported this week that he actually looks forward to coming to the exercise studio now. This is mega news. In addition, he is starting to like the cross trainer machine - wonderful. If this progress is continued in a linear fashion he will soon be able to say that he really likes exercise. This is what we as personal trainers are s...
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Enjoyment is the key factor in exercise maintenance

This week a client and I cycled at good pace for 40 minutes on a pretty, flat route starting at Slimbridge village in Gloucestershire. She was very pleased to find that I had pushed myself just as hard as she had, in fact she had pulled away from me and I had to belt along to catch up. I am not at my fittest, but also no slouch, and my client modestly said that maybe she had an advantage being ...
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