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coping with stress

Exercise as an outlet for stress / frustration

I've been slow and steady with my reading of 'Why zebras don't get ulcers' by Robert M Sapolsky, and I am learning an awful lot in the process about the effects of chronic stress on the body. It requires much concentration to take in the physiology, but it's so interesting and I am hoping that some of it will stay embedded in my brain. One key factor in reducing the effect of a stressor is ...
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How exercise helps my friend K cope with the challenges of having a son with autism

lisa king personal training
I know how useful exercise can be to help people manage day to day stress. I know how uplifting it can be to go for a run and think of nothing except where my next stride is landing and how beautiful my surroundings are. It certainly helps me feel calmer. As I ran recently with my friend K, whose 14 year old son has autism, I asked her if exercise was important to her in coping with the pressu...
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