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‘Shout out’ to Andrew

I would like to give a ‘shout out’ to my client Andrew this week. He has been training with me since September 2019 and has made some notable improvements, which in turn are impacting his life very positively.

Andrew has vascular dementia, diagnosed less than a year ago. He is also recovering from treatment for prostate cancer. I began to help him with exercise at home when his wife Yvonne (who I also train at home) suggested it. He was enthusiastic from the start and has remained very positive every week. One main aim is to be able to get himself off the floor unaided if he were to fall again. Andrew had fallen quite a few times before we began training.

I have been so impressed with Andrew coming on board with the exercise plan, increasing the volume of exercise he completes by himself during the week, so that he now has a habit of daily 30-60 minute walks and 20-30 minutes stationary cycling. He has upped his weights, improved his core stability and his body awareness. I also think he concentrates more now in the sessions; (reduced concentration is a symptom of dementia).

Radiotherapy has left Andrew very weak and tired. Exercise has helped to overcome the fatigue. He even walked for almost 1.5 miles today.

The main change I notice, apart from obvious strength increases, is his confidence in moving about, his coordination and mobility. He says that he feels much more confident about his ability to get up from the floor, (and I have seen him in action when we tested this) and he has not fallen since he began to exercise.

Andrew says “It’s good to exercise especially if you have a health condition because it will improve your quality of life. Too many people give up when they are diagnosed with something, but it’s even more important to stay active.” He was keen to let anyone reading this know that exercise is really helping him and if that will encourage anyone else to get moving he will be very pleased. He very kindly says I am an excellent teacher (thanks Andrew!) “and very considerate to us unfit and rather unhealthy people.”

When asked if he enjoyed exercise Andrew said that he does more now that he is a bit stronger and more mobile but it was a struggle at first. Exercise is improving his quality of life and helping him to sleep.

Thank you Andrew and Yvonne for sticking with me and I hope we continue to see you improve in the coming months.

Lisa 🙂