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Self acceptance feels good!

Whilst out on a family cycle ride recently I had confirmation of my suspicion that I can no longer keep pace with my nine- and twelve-year-old boys. I have felt it before, but I didn’t want to believe it at the time; now it is incontrovertible that my fitness is not what it once was. I am, (without doubt!), getting older, and my boys are getting bigger and stronger, so it is no wonder really that I can’t keep up.

It is time to accept that I will probably never catch them, (unless one of them is not on form). Actually, bumbling along behind them I enjoyed the peace, I loved seeing their enthusiasm to sprint for targets ahead of me, and then wait for me to join them before setting off again. We had a lovely time. I will now concentrate on increasing my cardiovascular stamina and muscular strength for its own merit and value to my health and happiness.

Although I wholeheartedly support the idea of competitiveness and know the motivating effects of comparing oneself to others, I also appreciate that getting comfortable with one’s own fitness potential and striving for improvements within a realistic personal scale leads to contentment.

This could also apply to one’s body satisfaction – love your own body and do not covet someone else’s ideal. Recognise the positive qualities in your body and celebrate your differences. Self-acceptance will surely lead to greater happiness.

Lisa 🙂

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