My favourite moment of the week

My favourite moment of the week happened at a client’s house. The moment was the simple act of rising from a chair, which my client ‘C’ told me she couldn’t do. C has mobility problems and uses a mechanical stair lift to go up and down stairs. When I asked her how she copes with getting out of her living room chair she told me her husband ‘P’ holds her wrists and pulls. I gave her a few tips on body and feet placement and alignment and asked her if she wanted to give it a go without help. “I don’t think I can do it” she said, “I can’t”. “Try” I said. She made a big effort and with perfect form, looking forward, chest raised, she stood up. P pointed both his index fingers at her with arms outstretched and sort of shouted “You did it!” while C blinked and looked amazed. Well, most of us take getting out of a chair for granted, but this was a big thing for both C and P. It really made my day too.

Lisa 🙂 🙂

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