Mind over matter!

During the past few weeks, I have met some people with a variety of challenges facing them, and I hope I can help them all with their quests for fitness and health related improvements. I admire their enthusiasm and willingness to strive for their goals, despite what may seem to be impediments of a physical or mental nature. Among the issues I have come across recently in people who are seeking the help of a personal trainer are Multiple Sclerosis, unusual leg weakness and balance issues, one sided semi-paralysis, partial deafness and blindness, a broken toe, Parkinson’s Disease, chronic fatigue and two sprained ankles (not on the same person!). As these conditions may present their obstacles, they are certainly not enough to dissuade the persistent. I wish success to all those people in their fitness endeavours, and I think they’re all brilliant.

Having a strong sense of what it is you want to achieve will help you to handle the physical symptoms of some health issues, and increasing physical fitness can also assist in managing any psychological side effects.  Congratulations to those who have taken steps to improve fitness when suffering health conditions, using mind over matter.


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