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Make a date with exercise

Making an ‘appointment with exercise’ could be an effective way to ensure you get your physical activity done. Planning an actual time during the day that provides a realistic time gap to fit in a run / cycle / walk / trip upstairs to your gym equipment, and writing this ‘appointment’ in your diary or calendar, makes the likelihood of a successful bout of activity much higher than just saying ‘I’ll do some exercise today, when I get time….”.

The time planning could be a weekly plan, or just a daily plan, whichever works for you. Weekly plans, ideally aiming for five lots of thirty minutes of moderate exercise, or three lots of twenty minutes of vigorous exercise, provide a good basis to work from. Allow for flexibility in your plan: what will you do if it’s raining at your scheduled time to walk? Go anyway, or go for a pre-arranged reserve time? If an appointment gets ambushed due to unavoidable circumstances, reschedule it as soon as possible for another time during the week. Try not to be over ambitious, but keep in mind your long-term goals relating to health. Decide if the benefits of exercise are what you really want and make physical activity a high priority in your week.

Experiment with diarising your exercise for the coming week and see if it helps your adherence.

Lisa 🙂

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