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Loopy for Scoop!

The most exciting moment of my week has been my first ever visit to Scoop Wholefoods on White ladies Road in Bristol. I know! How interesting am I?!

There’s a tenuous link to health here, so I can pass it as my blog for this week. Health of the planet really.

The Scoop shop is brilliant. I am probably very late to this party and you all know about it already, but I live in a small Gloucestershire town and have only recently heard about this trend. It’s like a supermarket, with many of the store cupboard items and fresh produce that you get there, in bulk bins so you can scoop out just how much you need, pop it in a paper bag or your own container and get it weighed at the till. No plastic packaging here.

There is a sweet little glass room on the side full of laundry products, shampoo & conditioners, cleaning vinegar. They sell olive oil, toothpaste, cleaning brushes, nappies, tea, lunch wrappers and gorgeous bamboo flasks (I want one so badly!). Lots of items are made from environmentally sound materials.

I am so glad that I can stock up when necessary on foods and cleaning products without packaging, in a hassle-free, quiet and pleasant shop. Highly recommended. Looking forward to my next visit already.

Lisa 🙂