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Keep it real!

I feel it is important to have realistic expectations about maintaining an exercise programme through the rotten weather of autumn and winter. If we expect to be able to sustain a regime of running, cycling or walking despite the dreadful weather we are experiencing, then we may be disappointed. Even the hardiest of us will not feel so enthusiastic about getting outside to exercise, especially when it is dark.

One’s fitness and health are not a linear progression; there are undulations, troughs and spikes, according to pressures that may or may not be outside our control. Accepting that during the bad weather we may do less exercise outside, and may not have the resources to exercise inside, then we can go easy on ourselves a little, concentrate on other areas of health like diet, stress reduction, and relaxation. Avoid feeling guilty about reducing your outdoor exercise, increase indoor movement if you can (housework is a great calorie burner!) and reduce your total calorie consumption to match your reduced expenditure. You could always make up for lost exercise time by going for an extra-long walk when it does stop raining.

Stay positive, do what you can, and keep it real! (Or get a really good set of waterproof trousers and coat!)

🙂 Lisa

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