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I love it when this happens!

My favourite moment of this week was my client telling me about an awareness of increased strength that came about during a movement she’s been avoiding due to pain. A painful shoulder caused by a tennis injury some years ago has meant that my client (I’ll give her the name of Geraldine) has been avoiding lifting heavy things. Geraldine has been coming to see me for about six weeks and working on strength and cardiovascular fitness, aiming to improve function in her shoulder as well as other goals.

A few days ago, she gave her ten-year-old son a cuddle, and lifted him up happily, forgetting about her shoulder. Then the realisation came – heavy lift, and no pain! Geraldine and her son were both as surprised as each other at the impromptu lift. She told me “For years I have not been able to lift my son, and now, after strengthening for a few weeks I am able to. If I’d have known that exercises from a personal trainer would have made such a difference, I’d have done it so much sooner. I have missed out on being able to do this for years.”

Reducing pain can be a major milestone in people’s lives and can have a big impact on quality of life, especially on mental well-being. I love it when people tell me they have less pain, and that exercise has been part of that solution.

Lisa 🙂

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