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How to drink less wine!

My client Kath gave me the inspiration to write this little blog. Last week, she came up with an idea to help her reduce the amount of wine consumed during an evening. (She is not a heavy drinker; she just wants to cut down on her current level). Her idea: to commence drinking wine only once the meal has begun, and no more after the meal is finished. How simple is that?

I have used Kath’s tip this week myself several times, as I often partake before the meal is ready. I pour a small glass and leave the glass on the table once the meal is done. After that, herbal tea only for me. It has certainly resulted in less wine consumed, and I can see this becoming the normal behaviour for me.

The other practice I have used to good effect is using a smaller glass than I used to. This has been a brilliant way to feel like I’m having wine up to a decent mark on the glass, whilst consuming less.

Thanks, Kath, for your excellent little notion of DRINKING WINE ONLY DURING YOUR MEAL.

Lisa 🙂

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