Hoorah for the little things

One of my successes this last few months has been the growth of these flowers, called Cosmos, in my vegetable patch. I planted them from seed and didn’t expect much to happen, but as you can see from the photo they have blossomed into a spectacular display, as high as a door. I even cut them down to about one metre when they got too big, and they came back in abundance. It’s ridiculous really. They uplift me when I see them dancing in the sunlight, waving in the breeze.

Some of my clients have achieved successes recently too. More admirable than mine. Several have managed a few kilograms of weight loss, recovery from episodes of back pain, and a brilliant tally of 100 miles of running in 10 weeks for charity. Others have simply sustained their exercise routine throughout this challenging period, which is success in its own right. One lady has just begun to exercise after a sedentary few decades, and built up to running. Every one of them can celebrate their movement in a positive direction towards better health and fitness.

We may all be feeling the strain as the pandemic continues and we have our own pressures to deal with. We should give ourselves credit when we make healthy choices and celebrate effort where we can. Take enjoyment from the achievements we make, however small they seem.

Lisa 🙂

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