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From turkish coffee to Turkish Get Up – A brilliant exercise for all-over strength

The Turkish Get-Up is a brilliant all round strength exercise. If it is new to you, use the video from American Council on Exercise in the link below to get you started.

It began life in the wrestling and martial arts world, and is now a favourite in kettle bell classes and as a resistance training staple. It is challenging to learn the movement, so starting with no weight at all is recommended, until skill is developed in the execution of the full move. Also, working on the first half of the total exercise is helpful and a great exercise in itself.

The exercise involves moving through various planes of motion, to go from lying on the floor to an upright position, all while holding a weight above the head.  The list of muscles involved in the Turkish Get Up is long, including many of the shoulder, upper back and arm muscles, gluteals, hamstrings, deep core muscles and obliques. As such, it is an energy expensive exercise, and could be a great choice when you have limited time. It requires multi joint co-ordination between upper and lower body and is good for improving flexibility and mobility in the hips and thoracic spine, stability of the core and strength in the hip extensors and entire shoulder girdle.

This video shows you how it’s done. The man performing the exercise looks like a very strong dude, but don’t let that put you off, as it does break the exercise down into achievable chunks. Try it first with no weight at all, just focus on getting the technique right. Take it slowly.

Have fun, Lisa.