E bikes rule OK

Electric (e) bikes have become really popular in the last year or so and even more so now that we are in lockdown and exercise is the only thing we are permitted to do outside of the house and garden. If you’ve ever considered having one, now may the time to indulge yourself.

The mountain bike community are appreciative of them, accepting that it’s a way for riders to continue to push themselves and get further than ever, to achieve more speed uphills, go out for longer and keep the sport going into older age. The worry about looking like you are ‘cheating’ is not valid because people are realising that riding an e-bike is just a way to keep fit and be with others who are perhaps fitter than you. There’s no hiding the fact that you are on a e-bike; it makes the sound of a motor as you are whizzing by at an unrealistic speed, smiling and waving instead of puffing and panting.

If you are unaware of how electric bikes work, the basic summary is this – as you push on the pedals the motor sensors determine how much additional power to provide, with up to three times your own power, e.g. on a steep climb. There are various settings for the amount of assistance you want e.g. eco, moderate turbo. There’s also a limit of 15mph worldwide. If you reach that speed the motor cuts out and it’s down to you.

During lockdown you can ride your bike from home, and on an e-bike you could quite quickly make it to off road paths, (if it’s a mountain bike version you have) making the most of quiet countryside routes. We have been out for many rides of about 1.5 hours each, during which I can tackle bigger hills than I would have, keep a faster pace up to match my hubby and boys, and arrive back without feeling so dead.

I love it and I can’t recommend it enough.

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