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Celebrate your achievements and feel your motivation rise!

Recognising how far you have come on the road to your increased fitness and health is a big motivator for continuing with your efforts.  Sometimes, just comparing your performance now with that of a few months ago can reveal surprising improvements that may not have been obvious to you as you went along.

The effect of analysing your achievements can be felt on various levels : firstly, the knowledge that you can do more than you could before is a reward for the exertion and commitment you have put into your exercise; secondly, feeling a sense of achievement and mastery in an activity encourages you to hope for further success, and means you are likely to continue on the same path; and thirdly, it enhances your satisfaction and enjoyment of exercise.

This week one client suddenly realised how much easier the cross trainer felt, and that she had just done ten minutes relatively easily, compared to the effort it once was a month ago.  She was so happy, and proceeded to reel off other improvements she now notices. She thought the modifications she has made to her dietary habits were perhaps insignificant, but after discussion admitted they were in fact big achievements, having managed to sustain the somewhat challenging changes.  She then felt positive about her way forward, confident of the beneficial impact of committed exercise habits and small ritualistic changes in the direction of healthier eating.

The enthusiasm created for the ensuing session, from celebrating her achievements so far, was amazing.

So, be proud of your progress and those positive feelings will help foster a confident attitude to your future aims for healthy living.

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