Bored of lockdown yet?

I have to admit I have felt moments of boredom in the last few days. The rainy change to the weather didn’t help, but here I am on a gorgeous walk near my house on a bluebell bedecked hill in my waterproof gear. It was drizzling and the sky was very grey, but it was so refreshing to get out of the house and exercise in beautiful surroundings.

‘Green exercise’ has been shown to be more beneficial to mental health than exercise in non-natural environments, however, as we know ALL exercise will positively affect your mood and boost your fitness. If it’s possible aim to get outside to exercise daily, and if it’s not, use whatever you can find in your house to help you exercise. Some of you may remember the kids’ programme ‘Why don’t you?’ which was filled with fun things to do at home. Here’s a link to the intro tune to bring back fond memories of flared jeans and white daps, and inspire you to switch off the tv.

So when you or your kids are bored, why not try one of these ways to be active –

Run up and down the stairs ten times, rest and repeat.

Dance to your fave tunes.

Cook some ginger biscuits. Don’t eat too many!

Change your bedroom / living room / study around – can be hefty work

Grab a heavy object and do 10 reps of dead lifts, overhead press, squats, lunges, side lunges and wood chops. Rest and repeat.

Ten jumps daily, for your bones!

Table tennis on the kitchen / dining room table.

Indoor soft ball hoop shots

Stairs – step ups on 2nd stair, running step ups on 1st stair, press ups incline / decline, dips, step lunge.

The lockdown is different for us all, with some of us working less, some more, some home schooling little ones or helping out parents / vulnerable people, and you may be more stressed than usual. A little boredom is good, I think, for stress reduction, and I hope you find a balance between the two.

Stay well. See you soon.

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