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Booking a class makes you go!

Need some encouragement to exercise? Try booking yourself into a class you’ve never done.

This week I took part in my first exercise class as a new member of Dursley’s council-run gym, pool and studio.

I have never been a member of a fitness club, having worked in them for ten years, and then being at Personal Space for 16 years. I haven’t felt the need to join up. I joined this leisure centre because I wanted to go to a regular yoga class, not getting it done at home, and I have ended up being tempted by the host of classes on offer. I found myself at a ‘Pump’ class on Tuesday, with 2.5kg plates on my bar, thinking I would later add on more. The class was 45 minutes of pumping my muscles with the bar, putting it down just 2 or 3 times for a drink. At first I thought ‘this music is too loud’ and ‘l hope I keep up’ and within a few minutes I was loving the beats, the choreographed moves, the energy in the room, the feeling of wanting to stay with it, and having a fun, sweaty time. Half way through I reduced my weights to 1.25kgs and snuck in a few missed reps. It was brilliant, and on my way out I booked myself in for more pain next week. Now I can’t get out of it. I will aim to go every week and get those 5 kgs plates out one day!

If you need some inspiration, pop down to your local leisure centre and see what funky classes are on offer. You never know what you might end up at – Spin Express, Barre Conditioning, Zumba, Bokwa, Tai Chi, Piloxing! The choice is tantalising. Lisa 🙂