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Feel good with Vitamin G!

I was kindly given a book on gardening for Christmas and have enjoyed reading about how to make your garden good for you. The many sections include 'The protective garden' (allergies, pollution, sound proofing), 'The Healing garden' (positive effects of scent, colour, water, sound), 'The nourishing garden' and 'The sustainable garden'. I'm only a little way in and was taken by the idea of the...
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Thank you and Happy Christmas to all

2021 is drawing to a close. I haven't written a blog for a few months and thought I would get this one in before the end of the year, and wish 'Seasons Greetings' to all my clients and their families. It's been quite a difficult year for me emotionally, with my Dad taken in to hospital in January and February a few times, and then for a longer period from mid-March. He nearly left us then...
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Anita’s daily bite-size exercise tips

lisa king personal training
Interrupting a busy working day to do some stretches!!  My client Anita has fitted a small number of exercises into her working day to help with posture, getting some blood flowing and feeling the benefits of moving. Also, just as importantly in my book, as a bonus she is having a break from concentrating on work stuff. Anita says - "Having a largely sedentary job and lower back problems a...
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Beware virus vigilantes!

Beware virus vigilantes; members of the public assuming the role of police, in seeking - in their eyes - breakers of Covid rules. Their penalty for behaviour that they don't like ranges from polite exchange to aggressive abuse. My client and I experienced the latter while exercising outdoors in a park. During lockdown, personal training is permitted, on a 1:1 basis, outside in a public a...
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Time on your own

I cannot overstate the value of spending time on my own in nature. I love to take in the beauty and it gives me the quiet space I need to recharge my mental batteries. During lockdown, when it's possible to be surrounded by family all day long, it's imperative (to me) to get out walking or running and escape the noise of whirring computers, teachers' voices and Zoom meetings (no offence meant...
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The power of the ten second hug

bristol personal training
I am reading a book about the menopause, as I am probably in perimenopause and want to discover in detail what I'm in for. I have read much before on the subject in relation to exercise, but there's so much I didn't know (or forgot!) and the comprehensive information is astounding. It's quite 'sciencey' which is great, and I am trying my best to remember all the important info, much of which ...
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The last resort

The book I have just read called 'Breath' purports that one of the best ways to stop snoring is to 'mouth tape' so that one can only breathe through the nose. We have experimented with this notion for one week (on a willing volunteer; well, strongly persuaded) and the results are brilliant. No snoring whilst taped up. The idea is based on much scientific evidence the author relates, which...
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1 leg dishwashing!

My friend, neighbour and one time Personal Space sports massage therapist, Esther, and I were chatting today about all things human movement related. In essence, and among other thorny issues, we decided that the best way to get exercises done regularly is by surreptitiously inserting them into one's day. Also, by depositing exercise equipment around the house in handy spots so that you are m...
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Hoorah for the little things

One of my successes this last few months has been the growth of these flowers, called Cosmos, in my vegetable patch. I planted them from seed and didn't expect much to happen, but as you can see from the photo they have blossomed into a spectacular display, as high as a door. I even cut them down to about one metre when they got too big, and they came back in abundance. It's ridiculous really...
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I’m not perfect; are you?

When I meet someone new and they ask me what I do for a living and I tell them I'm a personal trainer, invariably the response is "Oh, you must be really fit then!" Well, not really! I'm not the type of trainer to use my clients' time to upgrade my own fitness, bashing out thirty flash press ups while my client is struggling away. I used to be quite fit but, since children, (yes, I'm blaming...
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