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Anyone heard of hydrophilic foods?

Me neither. The word translates from Ancient Greek to ‘loving water’. In terms of food and nutrition, it describes water loving foods that can be very satisfying owing to their capacities for attracting and retaining water. They fill you up in a healthy way because they fill up first. Hydrophilic foods are packed with soluble fibre that attracts water and forms a gel like substance that slows down digestion. As a result these foods convey a sense of fullness for a longer period of time than other foods, and can be helpful in weight control. Another advantage to slower stomach emptying is keeping blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity in check, which may help control diabetes. The soluble fibre in water-loving foods can also help lower LDL cholesterol by interrupting the absorption of dietary cholesterol.
9 hydrophilic foods to add to your shopping list –
Agar (?), barley, Brussels sprouts, chia seeds, kidney beans, okra, oatmeal, oranges and pears.

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