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1 leg dishwashing!

My friend, neighbour and one time Personal Space sports massage therapist, Esther, and I were chatting today about all things human movement related. In essence, and among other thorny issues, we decided that the best way to get exercises done regularly is by surreptitiously inserting them into one’s day. Also, by depositing exercise equipment around the house in handy spots so that you are more inclined to grab it and use it.

Having the intention to do some exercises is not the same as doing it! We need to appreciate the value of doing them, then make an intention to do them, then arrange your equipment to enable you to do them. Setting aside twenty minutes twice a week to run through a resistance or rehab routine is brilliant, but, if that isn’t working for you, another option is a number of exercises scattered throughout each day.

Esther’s solution is she has a pull up bar situated in her kitchen doorway, which she hangs on several times a day on her way through. She also has a gym ball in her living room to lie over in the evenings, mobilising her thoracic spine. I have an air disc in my kitchen to test my balance on one leg regularly, and tonight I tried dishwashing while on one leg! It did the job very well, I didn’t use up any extra time to do it, I feel good because I’ve done one of my conditioning exercises, and I only smashed one plate! 😉

Leaving exercise equipment lying around the house may look lazy, but if it helps to encourage you to do a few dumbbell rows or band presses then I’m all for it. Now that we have started a second lockdown, the tidiness of our house is less important, with no visitors allowed. So, spread out your bands, balls, dumbbells, suspension straps, mats, foam rollers and whatever else will inspire you to move. When you walk past them they may tempt you to blast out fifteen reps, and repeat, before you go on your way.

Have the intention, strategically place your tools, and see what transpires. Good luck.

Lisa 🙂